Learn the Art of Handicapping College Football  

Division 1 NCAA football comprises several teams to compete in small and large markets. It is played in several small cities throughout the country, especially in areas where local reporters, trainers, players, and coaches, are comparatively convenient to access. Smart bettors can find weak lines throughout the season.

We have shared a few college football handicapping tips to begin your handicapping program.

Finding Weak Lines

Sportsbooks spend a lot of time on setting the most money-making lines on the sports that receive the maximum number of wagers. The less significant the game is, the weaker will be the line. The weaker line provides better possibilities to find lucrative opportunities in games that are not heavily covered.

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Target Small Conference Games

As the big conferences get maximum media coverage so a majority of sports bets are placed on sports teams in the largest conferences. If you focus on the small and mid-level conferences, then you can easily find lucrative betting situations every week.

Specialize Your Research

Since NCAA football teams play at the Division 1 level, there is a lot of opportunities for bookmakers to specialize. By learning about overlooked conferences, or teams, it will become easy for a bookmaker to obtain an edge in games that involve those teams. Increased specialization implies that you will have a larger edge over your competitors.


Smart sports bettors should be aware that college football provides ample opportunities for winning bets and weak lines. By finding weak lines consistently, you can constantly win at the rate that assures a profit. Begin implementing the above tips to locate opportunities to place lucrative bets.