What are Free bets and why they are important?

You may have come across a term called Free bets. Free bets are not free actually though free bets are normal betting sites with a facility to register to the website or open a player’s account for free. But after that, you have to use your own money to earn more money. The first amount you invest in the betting site it that you deposit to your player’s account is called seed money. And you start betting with this seed money and if you are lucky enough then you may win big with this small seed money. Apart from this money if yours you may also get different kinds of bonuses offered by bookies. Now, these bonuses are of different kinds.

Different types of bets and bonuses

One of the most famous types of bonus is the 100% bonus where if you invest £100 and you win apart from winning back your investment and stake you can also win a bonus of £100 itself. Then there are similar bonus patterns like 50% and 25% bonuses. There are some high-end long term bets as well in which you will have to invest a lump of money on a single event for a long term like who is going to win the champion’s league. Then there are risk-free bets where if you lose a bet then you can pull out your stake and you do not have to lose any amount. There are free bets also like you can bet on an event without actually investing any of your money, these kind of bets are very rare to come by and this type of bet is only given out by new bookies to attract new customers.

How you get the money

The bonuses and your winning may be directly accredited to your account or you may have to follow up some guidelines to avail the bonuses. These guidings are provided by the bookies via mail. So, if you want fast and easy money then it is time to register free to a betting site and win big.