Poker Solutions You Can Get Now

If you play poker just to get distracted, this file isn’t for you. If your goal is to earn money and only earn money, to the detriment of your pleasure and your ego, here, you will find advice entirely dedicated to your financial success. Learning how to make money from losers is what will make you a winner. Indeed, the vast majority of online players are losers, and many leave several hundred euros per year.

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How the Masters Should Be Beaten

As for beating the masters of idn poker, you won’t learn it here: the lucky holder of a miracle recipe would waste no time exposing it, but he would be in complete preparation for the WSOP. You got into an out-of-position move with a poor hand and didn’t hit anything on the flop. The pot has a substantial size, and it would be a shame to pass it up. It’s up to you to succeed in your bluff thanks to your analysis of the situation and a good technique.

Situations favorable to bluffing

Knowing how to play with cards while mastering poker odds calculation is essential, but just as important is learning to play regardless of your hand.

So you have to know how to make sure that even with a bad hand, a failed draw, or a small pair, your opponent thinks that you have a “monster” like.

Weak opponent

At the table, you have noticed a player who plays little poker qq idn, a “tight” or tight player. If he does not touch his cards, he is reluctant to continue playing, except perhaps to get his Ace, King or Queen. He may also have a pair in his hand that he is having trouble folding. This kind of player is an ideal target. When he’s in the blinds, raise as often as possible. If he calls, the Continuation Bet is automatic here on the flop if he checks. If he calls and the flop has heads, stop the charges.

When you are involved in a move against him in another situation and speak first, try to check on the flop. If he does the same, bet immediately on the turn, otherwise raise if he bets (check-raise). You will see more clearly there and will naturally find a way to play on the river if the stroke does not stop.


Another case in point:

Some players feel they are growing wings after having won a large sum of chips in a tournament or even euros in a cash game to release their bonus with the promo code pmu poker. They will tend to bluff a little more. This is when you have to catch them.

Spotting and Countering a Bluffer

Thanks to poker profiling techniques, you will find that significant and aggressive players will attack more often than others. Their starting hand range will also be more extensive. Even the trash cans will be played depending on the position by this type of profile. He will not hesitate to raise or re-raise you as soon as he sees a flaw in your game.

When this player rises in position, raise him only from time to time (3Bet) because if he notices that you have understood his maneuver, he will send you his stack to calm your enthusiasm. He will even attack you when your rounds of blinds come.