Online Poker vs. Live Poker: Are they different?

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Poker is now an international game, played in virtually every state where the game of cards is played. It dates back to the sixteenth century, where it started out as a bluffing game. The Germans then called it ‘Pochen’, whereas the French version was called ‘Poque’. Later on as the game kept improving, it was given the name Poker; and it was developed into hundreds of versions all over the world.

Back then it was just live poker; then came the ever-advancing technology and online poker was also created. Online poker is just the game of poker but played over the internet. Taking poker online resulted in a substantial increase in the number of poker players globally. Many websites have since been created to serve many excited players that now find it more interesting playing the game over the internet.

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Is online poker the same as live poker?

Poker inside a casino or poker in front of a computer is still the same game. Many will agree with this. Why? In both platforms, players bet, bluff and deliver or receive bad beats. Also, just like in live poker, a flush beats a straight in online poker.

Suppose you are only experienced in live poker, do you think playing over the internet will be any different? Maybe you have already tested both platforms, how would you compare them? Well, poker experts believe there are some differences between the two. Some of these differences include the following:

  • The speed of the game

As many poker fans would agree, one very obvious difference between live poker and online poker is that the former is a bit slower. Online poker plays considerably at a faster pace, and many who are used to playing over the internet might find the live game too tedious. Using your computer, you get to play more hands per hour primarily due to the multi-table feature. This will in turn make you feel like you are experiencing more of everything online.

  • Online poker is more challenging

Often, the first instinct that a live poker player gets when they go online is that online poker is quite tougher. Some even believe that to play online you have to at least be a pro at the game. Well, the reason for this could be because live player cliques will rarely challenge each other to try out higher stakes. The many various groups of live poker around the world will often comprise of players who are at around the same level. Going online, the cliques will always include high stakes where players bounce ideas off each other and are not afraid to critic or correct each other’s mistakes.

  • Bet Sizes

Live poker will always include more different bet sizes than in online poker. It would not be uncommon to see larger pre-flop raises in live games going up to 7x. In online poker, on the other hand, the standard open raise is normally 3x or pot size. With this difference, the standard stack sizes will change especially if the standard open raises are much bigger.

  • The tells

Apparently, when playing poker over the internet, you cannot see your opponents. Neither can they see you. In live poker, however, players value physical tells because it profoundly affects table talk; they can be in a position to tell whether or not an opponent is bluffing. Especially when an experienced player plays against a beginner, profiling the new and inexperienced opponent becomes very simple. There may be no physical tells in online poker, but that does not mean that a player will ultimately fail to read their opponent.

  • Passive vs. aggressive

Live players are often loose and passive, playing too many hands but passive on expensive streets such as the river and the turn. On the other hand, online players will always be tight and aggressive. They will rarely go for the larger bets but will raise on the more expensive streets.