How To Identify Genuine Online Casinos

Regulating online casino industry is a difficult task. This is why every day, fake casinos are emerging and robbing people a lot of money. 

But players can easily identify these casinos. The fakes casinos lack some critical aspects that genuine casinos should have. 

This article will share with you top factors that you should look for to identify a genuine casino that’s worth your money. 


  • Gaming Licenses


Genuine casinos have genuine gaming licenses. Most casinos that are certified show their licenses at the front pages of the casino website. 

And the best thing is that you can check the credibility of the licenses with the bodies that have licensed them. 

In most cases, casinos are licensed to operate by the bodies within their locality. For instance, if a casino is Indonesia, research about the gaming licensing boards in Indonesia. Most of the licensing bodies provide details of their certified casinos. 

So, before you even think of choosing an online casino, ensure that it has been certified. 


  • Software Audits


There are audit firms in the casino industry. Most of these firms give a certificate to casinos with fair and robust software. The audit firms also keep a daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya. Anyone can access the list. 

So, before you choose an online casino, check if their software is audited. Find out who audited the software and look for their certification. 

An audited and certified software ensures that there are no chances of manipulations done on the gaming system. 


  • Casino Customer Reviews


What other users say about the casino is very critical. Look out for the reviews left by other users. Go to casino review sites and forums and listen to what people are saying about a casino that you intend to join. 

However, be on the lookout for fake reviews. Some casinos can go to an extra mile of paying people to leave them a review. 

But as you read through different reviews, you’ll get a feeling and a picture of the casino operations. Strive to link w88 with all the reviews you get online. 


  • Casino Forum


Go the forum section of the casino and see what people are struggling with. In most cases, customers go to forums to ask for help. Look at the things they are struggling with. 

If you find that there are so many people having a problem with the software or misleading information, then it’s okay to conclude that these aren’t good casinos.


  • Trusted Friend


If you have friends who have tried online casinos before, ask them for help. Tell them to help you identify casinos that give the best services. 

You can trust a casino recommended by a friend who used it than you can trust any only review. 

Parting Shot

The role of identifying a genuine casino lies in your hand. You need to be very careful. Do your research to find out casinos that can’t be trusted. But most importantly, identify a casino with your favourite games and can be trusted at the same time.