Everything You Should Know before Playing EuroMillions

Are you someone considering participating in a lottery to become a millionaire? If yes, you should probably consider some of the lotteries from the European regions. If you don’t know already, European countries have some of the best lotteries to offer. In fact, Spain has some of the biggest lotteries in the world. Among the best lotteries, you have EuroMillions. It is one of the biggest with huge payouts and lots of ways for the players to win prizes. Let’s take a detailed look at one of the world’s highest paying lotteries, EuroMillions.

EuroMillions – The Rules of Playing

The rules of this EuroLottery are quite simple and even the first timer will not have any issues understanding them. So, you have a total of seven numbers that you can match with the drawn numbers and win the jackpot. From these seven numbers, the first five numbers have to come from 1 to 50. The last to numbers known as the lucky star number are from 1 to 12. Match the five numbers as well as the lucky star numbers and you will be the millionaire. Even if you don’t match them, you have 12 additional ways to win a prize with EuroMillions. You will qualify to win the last prize if you match one lucky star and two regular numbers.

EuroMillions – The Prizes

That’s where things get really interesting for participants. The jackpot for EuroMillions starts at €17 million, which means the winner of the jackpot is a guaranteed millionaire as well. If no one wins the jackpot on a draw day, the jackpot rolls over and it starts getting even more interesting as the size of the jackpot increases. The increments in the jackpot stop when it has reached the €190 mark. The best thing is that the jackpot has reached its maximum cap several times in the past and changed the lives of the winners forever. While the fun stops here for most other lotteries i.e. they reward the jackpot winner and the remaining winners in the lower prize categories, it does not for EuroMillions.

The fun continues as you get entries into the Millionaire Maker raffle with every entry into the main draw. The millionaire maker rewards two players at each draw with €1 million. It means that at least four people are guaranteed to become millionaires every week when they participate in the lottery. Not many other lotteries are as generous as that.

EuroMillions – Top Considerations before Participating

Keep Following the Results

The first thing you want to do is keep following the EuroMillions results as regularly as possible. Looking at the results in real time will help you know which numbers appear a lot in the final results. Every time you see the numbers that win someone a huge prize money, you should not those numbers down. After some time, you will have enough data to notice patterns. If there is a certain numbers that has been repeating over and over, it is a hot number. The number that has appeared the least is the cold number and you want to avoid it when you mark your lucky numbers on the play slips.

One way of picking the best numbers is to use a smart number generator on a website. These number generators use algorithms to pick random numbers from the past draws. They can do the laborious work for you and give you the best possible numbers in less than a second.

Buy More Plays

Buying more plays means you should choose more numbers to increase your chances of winning.The more lines you pick the more chances you will have of winning the jackpot. Of course, when you buy more plays you will have to pay more money as well. In that case, you should look for other ways to buy more tickets. You have the syndicate play option and you should definitely use it. When you use the syndicate option, you take part in the game with a group of people. Each player in the group has to buy a ticket and choose their favorite lucky numbers.

If any one of the players in the group wins the jackpot, it is a jackpot win for the entire group. The prize money gets split among the players in the group. While the group play takes a toll at the amount you can win, it definitely increases your chances of winning the jackpot quite significantly.

Try Promotional Discounts

You don’t get this option with every lottery company, but there are some good companies out there. These companies will try to give their players as much as possible in as little money as possible. To do that, they introduce discounts and bonuses. Most of the time, you get a bonus when you deposit funds in your account. For example, depositing $50 in your account might earn you additional cash from the lottery company into your account. At the end, you will see that your account has perhaps $80.

Furthermore, you have the cashback options that apply when you buy tickets. So, you might spend 20 euros on purchasing the tickets and get all of them back into your account as a result of the cashback promotion. Sometimes, you can earn credits for following the lottery company’s social networking pages as well. In short, there are many ways for you to make tickets affordable and buy more.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many things to consider before you take part in a lottery. Some people look at the size of the jackpot whereas others look at the odds of winning. When you consider these aspects, you have to come to the conclusion that EuroMillions is one of the best lotteries out there. The fact that you have 13 different ways to win a prize, two additional raffles of €1 million on the day of every draw, and the jackpots that start at €17 million, make EuroMillions the best out of the bunch. Use the tips given above and play with a positive attitude combined with persistence if you want to hit it big some day.