Are Online Pokies The Answer to Problem Gambling in Australia?


Although this could potentially be the most contradictory question ever asked, the more you think about it the absurdity of it all, the more you come to realise it’s actually the most logical plan this country has ever entertained…. Even if they aren’t entertaining the idea at all!

 While the clubs across the nation have been hiding too long behind the guise of RSL clubs and the tax exemptions, they actually have been extorting money from the communities that by large can hardly afford it. In a bid to put an end to this widespread corruption, RSL Pokies takes the bid to offer pokies as well as casino slot games online. Besides enabling one to download casino games & play over 250 casino games like online pokies, blackjack, roulette on any device, the website has made it even more easier for the gamers as they can play the games offered by RSL Pokies from pretty much anywhere. Unraveling the opportunity for one to play for fun or money, the website believes that web betting is the most ideal approach to stop betting as it facilitates the process of breaking the cycle with the provision of an alternative avenue. Enabling one to save money by playing this online games, the website ensures that the payouts they payouts in online games are more generous, more often and most of all, more in tune with reality.

Monopoly is a Board Game not a Poker Machine

While it is nice to be able to go down to the club to play Aristocrat Pokies and have a punt on a Konami gaming machine, the fact this is the ONLY way we can experience this makes one question whether this monopoly on gaming is fair?


Well now thanks to OnlinePokies and RSLPokies  you can experience the full gamut of casino gambling from the comfort of your own home. Login and play pokies online tonight – you can thank me later

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