The Game of the Dolphin’s Pearl

The Dolphin’s Pearl is a slot game that makes easy money. Gamblers love the casino games, all over the globe. Playing online, involves a lot of excitement and fun, as the casino games and slots have many interesting games. Enjoying the games online involves the interest of all. Winning and losing is part of any game and when you play the classical Dolphin Pearl, you can win if you get many pearls and dolphins. Just connect with the internet. You don’t have to step out of your house to play the game. Registration is free for new players. The Dolphin’s Pearl is a slot machine game that is played for free.

Game Features

Enjoy the adventures of the sea. The blue sea invites all folks to play in its deep waters. You get to enjoy all the adventures that are associated with the sea. Even sea sickness is part of the game scoring, while making money is the key that brings many players into the game. The Dolphin’s Pearl is the very first version that has been played by many players. The Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe is a newer version. You can also risk your real money in the game. The classical version as well as the deluxe version has been played for more than seven years

Playing the Game

Press on the “Start” button and select the bet. You can choose between BET MA and Bet. Now, you have to pick the bet lines. You will have to choose the keys between lines 1 to 9. Now, to collect your win, you have to choose either COLLECT or START. Accumulate your wins and enjoy the game. In case of doubts or for any assistance, all you have to do is to press HELP.

The bonus features are found incorporated in the game. Getting five dolphins in a row or 5 of dolphin pears is a great feat. Try for as many bonus rounds by winning you can also get many spins. To get bonus round you require at least 3 pearls. Learn more about the game at