It May be Minus Outside but it’s Always a Plus at a Canadian Online Casino

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world in land area but one of the smaller countries in the world in population.  Well, we’re a brave lot, enduring winter after winter with little summer in between.  During those interminable cold months we like to curl up on our favourite chair for some warm weather entertainment.  One of the most popular such entertainments is gaming at a Canada online casino

You see, online casinos from every corner of the globe are in thrall to the Canadian spirit.  They do everything they can to make your gaming experience the best it can be at the Canada online casino of your choice.

Welcome Packages

First of all, any new gamer will be sought after by every strong casino.  They will shower our countrymen with new player offers such as 100% matching deposit bonuses or free spins.  Some casinos such as All Jackpots and others have begun combining these two enticements to attract us to register and play at their casino.

It has become common for a casino to offer a no deposit bonus!  You can travel about the casino even as the howling wind and bitter cold prevent you from travelling about town, province, and country.Image result for It May be Minus Outside but it’s Always a Plus at a Canadian Online Casino

Big Bonuses

The Canada online casino will also have many ways to offer deposit bonuses.  Some will simply send an offer to everyone who has that casino open at that particular moment!  Others might offer a nice deposit bonus for your birthday, or for playing on the weekend or a holiday.  Many a Canadian online casino will find other creative ways to get you to accept a deposit bonus offer.

This is one of the ways top casinos give back to their gamers.  Every dollar you wager gets turned into valuable loyalty points.  Each casino has its own formula for calculating loyalty points but slots are usually the most lucrative game to play for said points.

When you have enough points you might be able to redeem them for cash.  In some casinos, you can redeem them for deposit bonuses.  All casinos that have a loyalty programme have levels within the programme so as your account of loyalty points grows your status in the programme goes up.  This entitles you to better bonus offers as well as other perks depending upon which Canadian online casino you’re playing at.


This is the exclusive club for high rollers.  You might have a special manager who does everything possible to treat you in the manner befitting a high roller.  The personal managers will devise many promotions exclusively for you.  So, if you love opera, your personal account manager might arrange for you and your significant other to travel to where the opera of your choice is being performed.  VIP treatment to say the least!


Many online casinos run daily, weekly, and monthly promotions.  These differ based on the creative juices flowing in the development teams for each individual casino.  Often the promotions are a game based on the season or the upcoming holiday.  For instance, the February monthly promotion at most casinos has a romantic Valentine’s Day theme.  We are not aware of any winter promotions that celebrate blizzards in the Plains provinces but Canadians are known to love playing the winter promotions anyway!


Another fun activity especially at a Canadian online casino is tournaments.  Most casinos run slots tournaments; others have blackjack or poker tournaments to go along with the slots tournaments.

Some tournaments have a modest entry fee; some are entirely free; some casinos offer to pay for your entry to a tournament in exchange for loyalty points or some other way of earning free entry.

In any case, playing in tournaments is a great way to enjoy online casino gaming.


The top casinos have hundreds of games.  Usually the most prolific game is slots.  Modern video slots have five reels and many paylines.  You can usually bet as little as a single penny per payline.

The themes are what make video slots so much more attractive than the first generation of slots.  You can choose slots games from dozens of theme categories.  Within each category there might be ten or more games.  Each game has its unique storytelling appeal so you never feel that you have only one game to play.  In fact, you have hundreds.

Graphics, animation, and sound make video slots a top-grade entertainment in addition to the gambling element.  In fact, a top Canadian online casino will allow you to play in free play mode for as long as you want.  I assume that there are some gamers who play only in free mode and never place a single bet but most players will bet because that’s the main reason you play at an online casino in the first place.

With so many games and so many themes, you can go to a theme that may not be your first or second choice and try out a sample of games in free mode.  You might surprise yourself and find that you like a game that you thought you would probably not like.

Table Games

These are the casino classics such as poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps.  Big online casinos will have many other table games with top-of-the-line graphics so you feel like you’re at a land-based casino without all the cost and other disadvantages that entails.

Progressive Games

Online gamer soften like to try their luck out at a progressive jackpot game.  Some casinos have up to twenty such games with jackpots in the five, six, and seven figure range.  Progressive jackpots are network games so the larger the network the higher the jackpot can go.  Microgaming has the largest network world-wide so its progressive games usually have the highest jackpots.  Mega Moolah is an internationally famous progressive game because it’s a lot of fun to play and the jackpot always resets at $1,000,000 after some lucky gamer wins it.  In November 2016 two gamers won the Mega Moolah jackpot in rapid succession!

Mobile Casino

The top Canadian online casinos have a mobile adjunct with over 100 games and spectacular modern graphics.  At some casinos, mobile gaming has become more popular than PC gaming because of the great convenience and superb graphics.

Live Casino

A good number of online casinos have a Live Casino where you might play poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  The dealers and croupiers are live and are more than happy to “talk” to you.

Banking and Safety

The top casinos offer many diverse banking methods and smooth withdrawal procedures.  You can play in CAD at these casinos.  Your money is fully protected by top-grade encrypted software, the kind used all over the internet by the biggest financial concerns.

Customer Support

Every top Canada online casino has 24/7 customer support.  Some have added 365 to their service.  That means if you’re playing on a weekend or a holiday, you can still reach the casino.

All in all, we Canadians are very fortunate that there are so many great casinos that cater to us!