Important terms that are used while playing online poker game

For once in a while, every paying card lover gets to know about the game of poker. There are different types of poker games and still, they are basically having the same types of terms used. For new online playing, these terms can be hard to understand even if they had been playing in their local groups. The gaple online poker game uses the most relevant terms that are known worldwide. Knowing all the basic terms is much necessary to be in the game.

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Bet: The bets are placed as the round progresses and no other player has placed the bet. Once the bet has been made then the other player can raise it or call to match the betting amount. In this way, the round of a player is completed.

Raise: This only happens when a person has placed there bet and then the other person puts the bet higher than the previous player. This is usually done when the player is having nice cards on their hands. Sometimes the raise is also made to confuse other players. Raise also helps to increase the jackpot amount.

Check: Check is made when there are no bets made in the current round. This also intends to ignore the bets and the turn passes to the next player. There are times when all the active players play check and this is said that the round is complete.

Call: The Call can only be made when the previous player has made a bet. This is done to match the bet amount and also to keep the order of hands remain. Be careful when using the call as sometimes it becomes a must and sometimes it’s of no use.


Fold: If you are sure that you are having no proper cards in your hand and you want to quite then Fold the cards. You will still be seated at the online table you are playing and you only have to wait till the round is finished. Within two or three rounds players understand that they are no having proper cards. The fold also helps not to throw away the chips in case you are having no value cards.

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