Ethereum Explained along with its Essential Features

The present times witness the traditional economy along with the digital economy being exposed to latest and exciting technologies. They would promise a more decentralized, quick and safe network for the users. Let us delve on the major player in the ever-developing market. You should rest assured that it would become the face of bitcoin games in the future.

Ethereum explained

It would be best described as an open source, blockchain based platform enabling the users to build decentralized applications. The computations would be performed in an isolated atmosphere known as Ethereum Virtual Machines. It would be residing in all available nodes that have been connected to the network. The product of computations would be stored on the blockchain.

Features of the Ethereum Blockchain

Find below some of the important aspects to be considered of Ethereum.

  • Ether

Ether would be best described as the currency of the Ethereum blockchain. The cryptocurrencies ETH and ETC have been two values of Ether.

  • Smart Contract

The EVM has been deemed capable of executing a smart contract. It would be best described as an algorithm storing and automatically executing the terms of the agreements. Both the parties that have been involved in transaction would agree to the terms written in a smart contract.

  • Ethereum Platform versus Bitcoin

The Bitcoin blockchain would focus on the set of already set operations. It would be inclusive of tracking of Bitcoin transactions, while Ethereum enables the users to run the code of any occurred complexity. It would make it convenient for decentralized application inclusive of cryptocurrencies.

  • Maintaining consensus

Computation on Ethereum network would cost more and take longer than standard computer, due to the parallelization of computing. In order to maintain consensus, all participants should agree over the order of all available transactions that have actually taken place, regardless they have taken part in the transaction or not.

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